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What is YIN Selling? 

YIN Selling (aka SalesPlay) is a complementary selling method to traditional ‘personal agenda’ sales methods.  YIN Selling includes receptive sales conversations that organically bring forth attraction, trust, collaboration, teamwork, and life-long relationships.

YIN Selling allows buyer-seller relationships to move into what athletes refer to as “the Zone.” When working within ‘the Zone,’ people experience heightened focus, curiosity and 5X more productivity (according to research published in a 2013 article by McKinsey & Co.). Our selling method was developed by Martin and Mia Sage, Founders of Sage University.  This telephone coaching program is led by Patty Shull and Stan Tyler who are trained in the ontology of enrollment conversations.

What will I learn?

Through the 12-week coaching process you learn how to:

  1. Follow a 7-step selling process
  2. Recognize curiosity and follow it like a GPS
  3. Establish rapport by making grounded observations
  4. Replace personal ‘ego’-based agendas with servant leadership
  5. Provide potential clients with coaching and feedback
  6. Close more business than ever before

When will the program begin?

January 12 at 2 pm MST and continue each Friday at 2 pm MST for a total of 12 weeks

What is the program cost and time requirements?

TIME: Group coaching calls are 45 to 60 minutes.  Weekly ’check-in’ accountability calls are 20 minutes with a selected or assigned program participant partner.

COST: $150 per quarter when paid in full by the start of the course.  Or, $65 per month for 3 months.

OPTION:  Add individual coaching with Stan Tyler each week for 30-minutes — $100 per month.  Invest an additional $300 for a pre-paid total of $450 or $165 per month for 3 months.

Program Details 

How does this selling method differ from traditional selling methods?

  1. YIN Selling develops curiosity in another person by asking imaginative questions. By focusing on imagination instead of problems, creativity soars.  This type of relationship building upgrades the “personal” relationship selling model where the seller looks for common interests to talk about such as golf or tennis.  YIN Selling enables both parties to discover an engaging future together, one where each person addresses one another’s desires that may not have even been imagined or articulated previously. The day-to-day “rut” discourse is replaced with an enlivening dialogue of possibilities.
  1. YIN Selling drops any agenda (an intention or a commitment) to make something happen in a given time frame. Directing the conversation to achieve the seller’s personal agenda at the expense of the buyer’s violates the dignity of both.  The buyer feels and resists it, whether they know it or not.  Promoting agendas disregards what authentically can be created in each unique sales situation. YIN Selling yields to what is most relevant in the situation, thereby building trust.
  1. YIN Selling prevents objections before they occur. This sales process shifts from a seller-directed conversation to a collaborative conversation. YIN Selling leaves the client asking you, “How can we move forward?”
  1.  YIN Selling is playful and energizing and leads to a close that is a collaboration between the buyer and the seller. Just as children anticipate going outside to play a game with their friends, the seller and buyer enter into an exciting game together, a game that is based on both parties’ mutual desires.  The seller and buyer become an authentic team. Synergy results.  This relationship can bring forth 3,4, or 5 times more productivity.
  1. Traditional selling is quota-based and time-boxed. However, we acquire sales competence in stages.  Thus, pressure enters into learning which can be counterproductive, stressful and slow.  Our program begins with a self-assessment of where you are now and supports you in a step-by-step learning process through a personalized scorecard. Our score card and coaching provide feedback based on activity observations.  Just as a thermostat measures the temperature in a home to ensure the climate is comfortable, our score card provides feedback for you to continuously acquire new competencies.  This process promotes ‘super learning.’ Judgement is replaced with supportive feedback.Cynthia Cannizzaro, developer of the PLERK Scorecard, has observed that this type of semi-weekly feedback increases sales performance by 22 to 36% consistently.  Instead of evaluation, your conversation pivots to the creation of new and more effective actions.
  2. Our methodology also reduces or eliminates “call reluctance or the fear of rejection.”  The presence of curiosity replaces the fear typically associated with traditional selling.

What topics will be discussed during group coaching calls?

  • Clarification of your values and your selling declaration
  • Audio instruction of the 7 steps of the Quick Sale
  • A personal sales skills assessment
  • Identification of your ideal client and a selling strategy
  • Distinctions of the 3 phases of the sales process. (Note: This topic advances the 7-step Quick Sale.)
  • Team selling – “Don’t leave home without your team.”
  • Distinguishing curiosity and leading the curiosity conversation
  • Allowing the customer to close you
  • Using the scorecard
  • Preventing objections
  • Million Dollar Mood Protocol™

Who are the coaches?

Patty Shull and Stan Tyler, YIN Selling Enthusiasts and Top Industry Coaches, 10+ years each.  If you have questions or concerns, please call Patty at 713-446-8700.

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