Our Value Proposition

We design and deliver leadership, team and business development solutions that bring forth results more sustainably than anything in the marketplace today. Our programs are based on 40 years of research that reliably predicts how to increase profitability, recruit and retain top industry talent, lead change effectively, and reduce conflict by 50% or more.

We show our clients how to receive the highest “returns on labor investment” through our internationally-recognized, online pre- and post-work climate assessments.  By partnering with Korn Ferry (formerly The Hay Group,) we offer to small businesses the robust services of large human resource consulting firms and to our global clients the capability to address international human resource challenges.

What Makes Us Rare and Unique…

Our consultants, coaches and workshop leaders are extensively trained in the “5 speech acts” and 13 recurring, permanent human concerns that determine customer satisfaction.  These fundamentals of language (or conversations) have been published by Dr. Fernando Flores in over 3,000 international publications.

As we work with our clients, we often show them what is operative, yet outside their awareness. In this way, we differentiate ourselves through our ability to listen effectively and articulate our client’s concerns precisely. This in turn ensures that project outcomes are communicated in ways that eliminate confusion (due to multiple interpretations) and coordinate action efficiently and effectively.