Our Core Values

While we are the first to admit that we do not live up to our values 100% of the time, we do have processes in place to ensure we are holding everyone accountable to our core values. Our top values include:

Producing Effective Results

Producing effective, measurable results, one step at a time is our most important value. We avoid unproductive conversations that do not address people’s concerns and/or do not move the action forward.  We declare our work spaces a NO whining, blaming or complaining zone (unless the conversation has entertainment value, then complain away!)

Honoring our Commitments

We distinguish commitment as the ongoing, sincere conversations of building a future together to fulfill stated outcomes; we keep or remake our promises in spite of challenges and setbacks.

Maintaining Dignity

We acknowledge people for their intentions (even when they “fail”) while at the same time maintaining high standards that make us proud of who we are and what we deliver to clients. We hold people as “spaces of on-going possibility” and refrain from making permanent assessments about a person’s character.  Instead, we make assessments based on a person’s performance in a specific situation and then focus on future competency development requirements. We think, speak and act diplomatically and with effective honestly.  We hold honesty as the foundation of mutually satisfying and dignified relationships that produce the essential ingredient of any business: trust.


The ongoing process by which we move FROM our blind spots and/or actions that cause losses of possibility or violate other’s standards of dignity, TO becoming an observer of the distinct actions that will open the most possibilities for the most people and that lead to the fulfillment of mutual concerns.

Note: Living in the process of discovering what we don’t know that we don’t know will allow us to discern how to provide unprecedented service to our clients and our clients’ clients, especially in times of transition.

Operating within “The Zone”

Operating within “The Zone” is distinguished by high vitality and creativity with consistent focus on the collective mission, rather than a focus on personal conversations of “What about me?” (where the mission is left out of the conversation.)

We value taking individual responsibility and accountability for managing our speaking, the use of resources, and the quality of our working environment, as well as caring for our physical vitality so that we may continuously operate effectively in “The Zone.”  Note: We hold ourselves accountable for bringing forth effective moods and attitudes out of which we invent our futures. In general, we replace whining and complaining with conversations that open possibility and enliven ourselves and our teams.



Leveraging the research of Dr. Charles Spielberger, we observe that the appropriate use of play, humor, and joking can alleviate or reduce stress, fear and pressure. Relieving or preventing stresses, in turn, enhances the body’s vitality, expands energy, and brings a team together through laughter. Often “goofing off,” while also remaining committed to a goal, can be the time when tough problems are resolved and innovative solutions come forth. Recreation is a reliable way of entering “The Zone” of high performance when we find ourselves stuck or too stressed to be effective.