Business Development & Sales

Every business begins with sales.  And it grows by keeping its current customers and developing new ones.

LPC can assist you with sales and business development in three ways:

  • By training your sales people and your sales leadership to become more effective in turning prospects into customers and to become more productive in everyday tasks;
  • By putting in place processes that motivate your sales team and hold them accountable; and
  • By training all your employees who have customer contact to provide satisfying service for existing customers.

Sales Training 

LPC offers both sales training and the follow-on processes that keep your sales team engaged and on track.  Our sales training is unique in that it is customer-based.  Since every prospect makes a decision to buy based on his/her assessment of which product, person and company will best address their concerns, we teach your team the skills of “discovery listening” to see how to discern the clients’ concerns and then to respond to those concerns directly and authentically.

We also can assist you in putting into place a proprietary process to keep your team moving toward its sales goals with pleasure and accountabilty.

We also train your sales managers and directors to manage promises rather than people. This essential shift allows sales leaders to communicate on an entirely new level with their teams, creating highly motivated and productive sales professionals.

Sales Processes

Game boards

All sales people enjoy some parts of the sales process more than others.  Some salespeople don’t like cold calling.  Some don’t like the call follow-up — sending information, writing proposals, answering questions.  Some resist getting face-to-face.  And yet these tasks must be done in order for you to be successful in your position.

If you’ve ever had to push yourself to do a task…. if you’ve ever procrastinated before even getting started…. if have ever had trouble sustaining your motivation month after month, then The Plerkplace™ Program might be just right for you and your team.  The Plerkplace™ Program is designed to infuse fun into your workplace.   We teach your employees to complete with ease all the tasks of the job.

Plerk™ = Playing at Work while Creating Extraordinary Results

PLERK game board
We accomplish this by implementing games as motivators, especially where there are mundane tasks to be performed.

Playing Plerk™ reduces stress, increases productivity, and reduces turnover.


ASK US ABOUT Teaching The Plerkplace™ Program to your team.


Customer Service Training

LPC will also get your whole team supporting your business development by teaching them how to listen and respond to customers in ways that identify and meet the customers’ main concerns. To make someone feel heard and understood, we usually have to listen to the concerns under the concerns.  Each person on your team who interacts with a customer — from the receptionist to technical support to service providers and customer service reps — provides a customer experience that either has them feel satisfied or not satisfied.  Your business growth depends on customer satisfaction.  And it all starts with an interactive dialog that can be mastered by everyone.


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If your organization’s business development, sales, and customer service needs something new — a little stimulation or a full-blown upgrade — give us a call. We’ll listen carefully and then give you some ideas about how we can help.