Performance Improvement

Did you know that all teams move through 4 distinct stages of learning how to coordinate action together? In fact, the highest performing work teams have noticeable, differentiating conversations that can be easily learned.

No matter what level of team performance results you and your team have achieved, our aim is to give you distinctions to move you to the next level. In doing so, you will improve bottom-line results, reduce disruptive stress and conflict, and experience greater work satisfaction.

If you have ever been a member of a high performance team, you might remember how it felt. People say their experience is satisfying — sometimes exhilarating! — and innately rewarding (separate from their compensation.)

Such an experience is a predictable outcome when:

(1) everyone on the team is authentically committed to the team’s vision; AND

(2) the team’s leaders have optimized the work “climate” to address the concerns that enable team members to perform at their best.

For most people, these 4 stages of team development remain hidden and undistinguished, yet they operate across all areas of team activity without being named. Without properly articulating the 4 stages, people are unable to distinguish where they are and where they choose to be. People may feel dissatisfaction but not be able to imagine what is possible for their teams.

Typically, organizations with robust training and development departments are the only ones to have these stages distinguished and spoken of as part of their culture. Today, small businesses are becoming awakened to these differentiating factors by contracting with certified, independent contractors.

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Patty Shull is a certified workshop leader, consultant and coach of Korn Ferry (formerly The Hay Group International) and can provide on-line assessment surveys, succession planning programs, and a full menu of international consulting services. This relationship with Korn Ferry allows Patty and her team to address your needs whether you are a small business or global corporation.

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