Financial Improvements

The Leadership and Performance Company forms alliances with other businesses that share our core values, especially in the area of dignified business practices.  We are excited to be contracting with Matrix Payment Systems so that our client companies can receive a FREE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEE COMPARISON REPORT and a 15-minute complimentary consultant with an 8-year, industry expert named Dean Johnson.

You provide us with 2 months of your merchant account billing statements.  We give you a complimentary, comparative report in 3 to 5 business days.

50% of clients who compare their rates save 27% on their processing fees and switch to Matrix Payment Systems.

Why do they switch?  Monthly savings of 27% or more, next-day turn-around time, excellent monthly reports to better run your business, and first-class, 24-hour customer support.

And Matrix offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call Patty Shull @ 713-446-8700 to see if we can improve your bottom line fast.