Executive Consulting & Coaching

Programs to Address Your Leadership Concerns

Leadership and Performance Company (LPC) offers to C-level executives and entrepreneurs proven, performance-enhancement methodologies and services that address your unique concerns as a leader.

A leader often calls upon us when he or she needs assistance in expanding their current skill set to create desired outcomes.

♦ Sometimes a leader feels “stuck” and wants to take his/her leadership to the next level. 

When you want to develop new competencies, we offer a proven approach.  First, we use research-driven diagnostic tools to understand exactly what is missing in your leadership skills.  Once you see what is needed, we assist you in focusing on the competencies that will produce the biggest impact on your team and your results.

Importantly, in working with LPC, you have access to competency development that is not available elsewhere.  The most successful leaders have conversations that predict high performance and they use language that moves others into effective action.  Together we can uncover the specific conversations that increase your effectiveness and, in doing so, develop in you the use of language (and therefore thinking) that few others have mastered.

Ask us how to assess your current skills and to add performance-enhancing competencies that will set you – and your results – apart in your marketplace.

♦ Sometimes a leader needs a well-experienced outsider to see clearly
what breakdowns are occurring in the people and processes of their organization.

All organizations and all individuals experience breakdowns, which is simply a disruption in the flow of effective action. Sometimes the breakdown goes on for years without resolution, moving leaders and team members into resentment and finally resignation.

When you are part of the breakdown you often cannot see clearly what is happening.  If you knew what is missing or how to “fix” it, you would.  We are practiced in seeing and articulating organizational breakdowns and guiding you to resolution.  You will likely even see how you can use the essentials of articulating and resolving current breakdowns to actually prevent breakdowns in the future.

Our Conflict Mediation & Resolution process gets at the underlying factors that  prevent or allow resolution.

♦ It can be lonely at the top.  Sometimes a leader just needs their own sounding board.

Every leader needs someone they trust to provide reflection and guidance.  A coach stands only for you and is not in any way accountable to your organization.  An effective coach for a business leader has extensive business experience so that they understand and have perspective about your leadership.  And your coach should also see you in the context of your whole life.  After all, your satisfaction and effectiveness at work requires that all the domains of your life — including family,community, recreation, spirituality — work effectively.

We offer a six-month Executive Coaching Program that focuses on YOU, your sense of ease and harmony in life, your personal breakdowns, your fulfillment.