Wake-Up Wednesday

The First Wednesday of Every Month, 8:00 – 8:45 am central
Start your Day with Startling and Practical Solutions
to Increase Your Results Everywhere


Practical Distinctions to Give Your Performance a BOOST

Begin your day with 45 minutes of Insight and Action
that will improve your leadership and relationships, focus your efforts,
enhance your efficiency, and increase your experience of satisfaction and well-being.

The distinctions from these short telecourses come from the “ontology” of language, the study of how language creates our reality and our results.  Each month you will receive a startling set of distinctions on topics that directly influence the results you get . . . and the ease and pleasure you receive in the process.

Most of these distinctions will fall into the category of what you don’t know that you don’t know, that is, they operate unseen and under the surface most of the time.  Once your attention is awakened to the operation of these distinctions, you will be able to perform more consistently in The Zone, a space of excellence and effortlessness.

These telecourses are led by Patty Shull and Cynthia Zaal.

Investment is $15 each, with a 22% discount for signing up for the quarter.

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Here are some of the upcoming topics:

Managing One’s Career — Motivation, Change and Vision.
Where are you now? Where are you headed? How will end this quarter / year with a strong, “winning”, highly-satisfying finish?

Advanced Listening Skills — What distinguishes advanced listening from typical listening?
One’s ability to listen — not to the content but to what matters most — is one of the essential differentiators of high-performing teams and leaders. Learn how to uncover what is most important — the underlying concern that is usually hidden — and to strengthen relationships and build trust in the process.

Managing Your Environments for High Performance.
Did you know your environment is continuously provoking your nervous system into a mood? And, this mood is the context for how you see your future possibilities? Join us in declaring a fantastic, relaxed and satisfying quarter / year by designing it instead of drifting into it.

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