The Theater of Selling

Are you a business owner or a sales rep who sells for a living? Then join the ranks of top sales producers who know:

Selling has much in common with theater. In fact, professional selling IS performance!! Joe Girard, the legendary auto salesman, would lock his office door and get on his knees to BEG HIS CLIENTS to buy a car! And they did, at the rate of five cars per day. His coworkers were selling five per month!

We are NOT saying you have to beg your clients to buy. That was one tool in Joe’s bag…   one “character” he could call on when needed. What we are saying is to get creative and expand your thinking. To build on your current success in new ways. Could adding a “character” that is unique to you and your sales repertoire improve your results?

Mediocre salespeople wing it. They rely on reaction. Top sales people learn communication tools that allow the prospect to say “YES”. They polish their lines until they shine. Great sales people, like great actors, know the key to successful results is REHEARSAL.

Peak performers rehearse their storyline, their posture, expression, volume, tone of voice and more. They know it’s not only what you say, but how you say it. When they are face-to-face with a buyer, their confidence and professionalism are at their peak…because they’ve rehearsed! Rehearsal makes you trustworthy and your prospects feel it.

“The Theater of Selling” is a 1-day workshop. You will experience what works (and what doesn’t) in your selling. When you rehearse what works, you become reliable and so do your numbers! Learn to trust yourself while projecting the commanding energy of top sales pros.

You are a powerful force. If you are ready to discover your magnetism, come play with Karen. Experience live sales training at its liveliest in Houston, Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 from 12-6 pm. Tuition is only $149. ($199 after January 21st.)

To Enroll Call Karen Leba Baker

Author of “23 Innovations in Selling”.


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