Team Leadership Competency Scale

Outstanding team leadership implies a commitment and competency to influence and coordinate the network of conversations of a given group in order to bring about effective results over time. Management is the coordination of requests and promises, in time that support the operations of the organization. A competent leader opens a new space of possibility, declares a vision that will effectively address a communities concerns, designs engaging group processes (with the assistance of others) to bring about the desired future that meet essential marketplace timing opportunities. Top leaders, lead with enthusiasm and ensure the business becomes a ‘game’ that everyone commits to playing. Quarterly ‘storyboards’ reveal team scores, in measurements everyone can distinguish (or learn how to distinguish effectively.)


Leadership Conversations and Actions

6 The leader declares an inspiring vision of the future and offers conversations of new possibilities that didn’t exist before. Speaking inspires and attracts others to become a member of the group.   Maintains declaration of the future in the face of uncertainty, hardships and/or obstacles.   Leader’s energy provides team ‘spirit’.
5 Clearly articulates group mission, objectives and standards and enrolls others to fill specific roles.   Is an effective role model.   Designs group processes to create long-term goal achievement. Group spokesperson. Accurately assesses team member competencies and recruits for needed competencies. Deploys pro-active and effective processes for managing change.   Establishes programs to develop key competencies to achieve objectives.
4 Secures resources to enable group to achieve goals. Ensures minimum performance standards are met. Takes actions to improve group competence.   Resolves breakdowns in relationships, work processes, and resources and improves organizational learning.
3 Ensures group members fulfill commitments in a timely manner. Monitors key conversations, tracks performance progress. Respectfully holds people accountable, acknowledges & rewards excellent performance to enhance team learning.
2 Flows accurate information among group members to ensure people’s conversations reflect most up-to-date information. Sets up systems to ensure people have what they need to be effective in their roles. Pro-actively takes care of customers to ensure organization keeps promises.
1 Leads productive meetings. Clarifies objectives, sends agendas and pre-work in advance, uses group time effectively, manages group conversations, resolves conflicts appropriately, clarifies requests and commitments and due dates.   Ensures customer standards are established and met.
0 Leadership competency not observed.
-1 Innocently mis-assesses situations, and therefore mistakes ineffective actions for effective actions. Causes breakdowns for people in the organization. Little or no results produced.
-2 Consistently breaks commitments; fails to address the concerns of the group and /or organizational requirements for success.
-3 Fails to take effective actions. Puts organization at significant risk. Violates community standards of dignity.

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Patty Shull

Patty Shull is an organizational change consultant and talent manager who develops key competencies in others to achieve business results. She uses creative and leading edge approaches to mentor leaders in making effective transitions. Her extensive experience includes global Fortune 100, non-profit, entrepreneurial, and government organizations. She is known for designing programs to develop leadership talent, speed organizational changes, mitigate risks, and turn employee resistance to employee commitment.

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