Project Advancement Course 1

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What if your competencies as a project leader expanded exponentially in just 12 weeks?

What if a group of leaders were focused on your project each week supporting you,
cheering you on, and holding you accountable to fulfilling your vision?

Empower yourself.
Discover new ways to invent your future.

Purpose:  Participants will receive project support while also being coached by business experts to replace ego-based language with effective conversations for action. Learn how to operate from “The Zone” where recurrent human concerns are identified and addressed while enhancing dignity for all.

Overview: You will select one project and focus on your project goals while being coached to develop new, high-performance competencies. Building upon the foundational distinctions in Conversations for Action & Collected Essays by Dr. Fernando Flores, the PAC 1 program ensures that your project conversations bring forth clarity and alignment resulting in new, empowered action.

In 12 sessions, we show you how to replace dualistic, ego-structured conversations with easy-to-learn language “upgrades.” These upgrades will lead you to “The Zone” of high performance resulting in enhanced effectiveness implementing your project.

Logistics: Program meets via teleconference for 12 sessions, 60 minutes each week.
(Corporate work-site workshops or teleconferences are also available.)

Calls are recorded to allow for make-up sessions.

Investment:  $1200 payable in three payments of $400 per month, or $1150 if paid in full prior to course start. Participants will need to purchase the book: Conversations for Action & Collected Essays, by Fernando Flores (available through Amazon.)

Course Summary:  You focus on your project goals while we coach you how to use new, high-performance language. Building upon the foundational distinctions in Conversations for Action, our program ensures that a leader’s conversations provide ongoing clarity and alignment for effective action – without the distracting and often destructive forces of “ego” or conversations that can lead to misinterpretation, conflicts and a loss of enthusiasm.

Through this program we coach you how to think and speak using new leadership conversations that increase your professional competency in fundamental ways. For example, we coach you:

  • to make more effective requests and promises to move a project forward without sacrificing your or another’s clarity, peace of mind, or physical vitality.
  • to use declarations to bring forth new possibilities and to create an environment of confidence to move a project forward, consistently.
  • to restate project outcomes, measures of success and directives to others in observable language – language free of mixed interpretations and so clear that a jury of 12 can agree on the distinctions that coordinate effective action. This increases effectiveness and efficiency and enables breakthrough teamwork where passion and excitement for the future ignite.

Coaching & Discussion Outline
The course content focuses on distinguishing how your thinking and speaking are impacting your project outcome.  During the course we apply the following:

  • Project Declarations – Maintain one’s project focus despite challenges
  • Recurrent Human Concerns – Lead from a conversation that addresses mutual concerns
  • Requests – Initiate action from an enrolling context of “we” versus “me”
  • Project Offers – Open new possibilities with others that create curiosity
  • Commitments – Coordinate action in a timely manner and with dignity from “The Zone”
  • Learning How to Learn – Replace good/bad, right/wrong, dualistic thinking/speaking

During our calls, you will see how each conversation you speak is bringing forth your future. We will provide you with key leadership and management distinctions to assist you in bringing forth your most important outcomes in a supportive team environment.

Our follow-on course, PAC 2, is an opportunity for graduates of PAC 1 to participate in our advanced competency acquisition training program. PAC 3 is our coach-in-training module.

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Patty Shull

Patty Shull is an organizational change consultant and talent manager who develops key competencies in others to achieve business results. She uses creative and leading edge approaches to mentor leaders in making effective transitions. Her extensive experience includes global Fortune 100, non-profit, entrepreneurial, and government organizations. She is known for designing programs to develop leadership talent, speed organizational changes, mitigate risks, and turn employee resistance to employee commitment.

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