Happy Hour Improv Class

Leadership and Performance Company Improv Class - "Laugh-A-Lot"
Washington Improv Theater presents the Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament. | Photo credit – Jeff Salmore
For information about this class, call or text Patty at 713-446-8700 or email her. [ Patty.Shull@LeadershipAndPerformanceCompany.com ]

LIFE IS IMPROV…Improvisation that is.

We confess…we are addicted to improv. For us, improv makes the world endlessly creative and more fun. Improv even opens unreasonable possibilities in every aspect of life. In short, we believe from the bottom of our hearts, improv makes life better.

We train you in the fundamental principle of improv called “yes, and…”.

“Yes, and…” is a practice of including your teammates’ contributions, no matter how wacky they may be. Instead of offering your opinions, or reactions to what was said, we practice active, empathetic listening skills. Improv teaches us to pause, become curious and connect with the other person. This powerfully demonstrates that you were actively listening.

Build trust with others.

Listening effectively is one of the fundamentals in building trust with others.“Yes, and…” does not mean agreement with what was said. Instead, it means confirmation that the speaker was heard accurately. Advanced improv games teach us how to respond to difficult people and situations. When others challenge our values or beliefs, we can limit possibilities by reacting from our fear or ego. Like the martial art Aikido, improv invites us to respond to challenging situations with wisdom. By going with vs. against what is said, we gain the advantage that comes from learning something new. In short, “Yes, and…”, opens us o new possibilities.

We meet you where you are.

We teach beginning, intermediate, advanced and Mastery level workshops. The “Yes, and…” skill practice is like learning most skills in life. The more you practice and receive meaningful feedback, the faster you acquire competency. Beginners are given easy to follow instructions, lots of encouragement and basic improv games to play. As people become comfortable, we offer advanced skill building workshops. The skills learned in each workshop can be immediately applied to advance results where it matters most.

Build an extraordinary culture.

Want to experience what it is like to be in an environment of acceptance? Want to create a team that knows how to have each other’s back? Or, do you just want to laugh more? Whatever culture you can imagine, improv can get you there. All that is needed is to use improv theater to experience your desired future, now. Play the games over and over again until your desired culture emerges and sustains itself.

Ready to learn more?

Meet with one of our Chief Entertainment Officers, Claire Thompson or Patty Shull. They will ask you a set of questions and then customize your Happy Hour Improv workshop. Every improv game is designed to bring about the results you would love to see in your team or community. .

Happy Hour Improv workshops have been designed for Team-building:

  • Communication Training
  • Pop-up Talent Shows
  • Press and Media Coaching for Leaders
  • Ice Breakers for Presenters
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Call or text Patty at 713-446-8700 or email her. [ Patty.Shull@LeadershipAndPerformanceCompany.com ]

Get ready for a giggle fit and to face each challenge with a new attitude by saying, “Yes, and…”