Executive Coaching- 6 month Program

Create the Future You Envision

Leadership and Performance Company (LPC) offers leaders private, confidential coaching that promises to resolve breakdowns, alleviate stress, and move you creatively into the future.

Our Executive Coaching Program is an opportunity to work one-on-one with a top-performing, LPC-certified coach. Leaders can leverage the coaches’ vast experience and problem-solving insights to assist in achieving priorities. LPC coaches have supported hundreds of leaders, teams, and organizations to resolve complex concerns in record time. Both Fortune 100 executives and small business entrepreneurs call on LPC coaches when faced with major challenges.

Begin with Your Very Own VIP Day

Our six-month program begins with a customized VIP Day to jump-start results immediately. This Coaching Program launch will be a high-impact, breakthrough-focused day that will set you up to succeed in new ways. You have the option to include a member of your team during your VIP DAY.

During this VIP Day you will experience our eye-opening, four-step process for resolving breakdowns and creating breakthroughs:

STEP ONE: Analyze Breakdowns
Discover the cause or causes driving your current situation. Often the root causes are those that you either don’t currently see or have yet to articulate accurately. During this step, you will get an accurate reflection of how your current way of evaluating your situation is and is not working. You will be set free from inaccurate assessments, doubt, and indecision. You will be able to upgrade these conversations with new, accurate observations about the obstacles standing in your way. Once we clarify what is in the way of your success, your body will begin to relax. This clarity opens new possibilities which will ignite your enthusiasm.

STEP TWO: Re-envision Your Highest Outcome
Next we eliminate the possibility of failure by answering these questions:
• How will I know that I have achieved my outcome?
• What could stop me?
This step ensures your stated priority will bring forth both the exact outcomes that you are seeking and also maximum satisfaction to yourself and others. We will measure how well you have articulated your outcome against three key sustainability criteria. This step will provide you with a map and compass/GPS system that will direct you until your outcome is attained.

STEP THREE: Design Your Strategy
To build your confidence and momentum, we will co-design a process to address the obstacles that have limited your success in the past. Imagine how you would feel if you knew you couldn’t fail? During this step, you will learn what actions are required to reach your outcome in the shortest time possible. We will focus on the 20% of activities that will produce 80% of your results. This step will leave you feeling excited about your future possibilities. You will renew your power and experience increased vitality.
BONUS: Discover how to design a work environment that puts you in “the Zone” of high performance using our 5-circle map.

STEP FOUR: Design Your Implementation & Support Plan
To seamlessly transition you from your VIP Day to your next work day, Step Four will provide you with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step action plan. This plan clarifies what you will do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to maintain your newly-distinguished objectives. You will generate powerful results by taking effective actions at the right time.

Six Months of Weekly Coaching

Following the VIP Day, you will receive six months of weekly coaching and “on call” availability focused on implementing results. During these calls you will:

• Develop new competencies.
• Clarify breakdowns interfering with progress toward results.
• Replace “blind spots” by receiving effective feedback.
• Develop weekly action steps to “up your game.”
• Receive support for work/life balance, ensuring all areas of your life receive the attention they deserve,

  1. Eight-hour Executive VIP Day
    Includes gourmet breakfast and lunch as well as the “unwinding” activity of your choice (e.g., massage, facial, hike in nature, swim, etc.) mid-afternoon to allow for some creative, down time.
  2. Twenty-four, one-hour weekly tele-coaching sessions over six months.
  3. Unlimited 15-minute, check-in calls with your coach.

FINANCIAL INVESTMENT: $12,500 to include

  • Executive Coaching Program, including one, in-person VIP Day
  • 24 one-hour telephone coaching sessions, and unlimited check-in calls over six months
    (Program cost includes necessary travel and customary expenses.)

Additional VIP days can be added at $6,000/day

Contact us for additional information and scheduling.