Emotional Updating TeleCourse

What One Change Could Have You Experience the BEST Year of Your Life?

Emotional Updating for Performance Breakthrough™

Patty Shull, founder of Boulder Flash Mob and Leadership & Performance Company, presents powerful new work designed to upgrade the underlying feelings and emotions that disrupt your ability to fulfill your most important aims in life.  She invites you to join our 12-session telecourse to learn an exciting performance- breakthrough methodology you will feel.

Emotional Updating for Performance Breakthrough™ will train you to . . .

  • Observe negative emotions that interfere with your performance goals.
  • Discover hidden declarations inside your emotions that are holding you back.
  • Design empowering emotional responses to support your goals for the year.
  • Become resourceful responding to stressful people and situations.
  • Enjoy a new feeling of authenticity and freedom that results from this methodology.

“I have dealt with this negative emotion for over 30 years, using every treatment I have ever learned -nothing fundamentally made a significant difference. Emotional Updating™ reached deeper inside me than I could have imagined. As a result, I am free of this disruptive state and able to act more powerfully than ever before.”
– Linda Starr, Author, The Genesis Formula: How to Create Anything You Want As Soon As Possible

Participants are also invited to a private Facebook learning community which will assist you to learn the methodology, facilitate peer coaching, and offer practice sessions to each other.

12-Session Telecourse Details: Investment and Logistics

1 Hour+15 Minute Call Each Week – Our course launches with a HOLIDAY “Get Your Spirit On” call December 20th from 6:00 to 7:15 central time using ZOOM video conference.

Optional Q and A Call:  Saturdays, beginning January 7th, from 10:00 to 10:30 am central – unstructured sessions with the course leader to answer questions you have, receive personal support, or to add clarity to the emotional updating methodology.

Course Investment: FOUR options to fit your budget!

  1. Enroll yourself and pay in full: $950 per person or by automatic bank draft at $85 per month for 12 months.
  2. Bring a friend to the course and each invest $500 or $45 a month.
  3. Enroll 3 people in the course and attend for FREE.
  4. Ask for a work scholarship.

“I have experienced an inner ‘performance turn-a-round.’ Inspired after mentoring with Dr. Fernando Flores, Gloria Flores and Boyd Willat this year, I designed a new breakthrough performance methodology. As a result, I was offered a dream consulting alliance with a privately-held, industry leader. We met, fell in love and will start working together this month.” – Patty Shull, Course Leader

Enthusiastic testimonials tell us this work is priceless!

What value can I expect from the course?
Estimate the time, money, and energy your negative emotions have cost you.  Now, imagine having a new and recurring emotion to forward something you dream of having next year.  What value would this bring to you in 2017?

To Enroll: 
Contact Patty Shull, 15+ year Fortune 100 Performance-Improvement Coach @ 713-446-8700 or email her at Patty.Shull@LeadershipAndPerformanceCompany.com

P.S. I will show you a new path for upping your game in life, from the inside out. My emotional updating methodology is an elixir of 3 decades of studies in performance improvement techniques.  I have combined the best of NLP techniques, Heidegger’s work in Being, and the 5 speech acts of Dr. Flores to create a breakthrough methodology. This work is producing the most profound results of anything I have ever seen in the performance improvement industry.   For me, it has become my new path for living authentically free. I’d love you to join me Dec. 6th and/or Dec. 13th for our introductory call and come to our launch holiday call Dec. 2Oth.  Cheers!

Notes: A promise of participant confidentiality and mutual respect is required. The Emotional Update Course is not intended to be used professionally or publicly until one becomes certified.  The purpose of this course is for you to gain competency updating your own emotions and to have a community to call upon for peer coaching.

(Source material acknowledgments:  Dr. Fernando Flores moods, emotions, declarations.  The Focusing Institute research by E.T. Gendlin.  Boyd Willat, Emotional Primacy™.  NLP with Leslie C. Bandler.   Nathaniel Newby in Ontological Mastership.  PSI Seminars, The Basic Course.)

Free Introductory Sessions:
Tuesday, Dec. 6 and Dec. 13
Ask for a recording of the call if you are not able to make it LIVE.
6:00 – 6:45 pm central

Mark your calendars: Attend either or both upcoming Tuesday evenings:

DIAL IN #: 712-832-8330     Passcode: 575 1946

Note:  If you use T-Mobile, a recording will come on and tell you they charge 1 cent per minute for the call or 45 cents. We will switch to Zoom video or teleconference during the course which is free.