The Effectiveness Course

Ontology of Language 101
Next Course begins September 12, 2017
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  • Introduce and provide a basic understanding of the 7 fundamental structures of the Ontology of Language.
  • To provide training to allow participants to live in a state of peaceful productivity while addressing life’s concerns and remaining in effective action.


With understanding and practice, participants can become competent in 21 conversations for new possibilities.  Additionally, participants will experience an ability to consistently operate in a state of enhanced productivity and “flow,” also described by athletes as “the Zone.”


  • The course will be held via telephone.
  • Twelve weekly calls will be held over a 3-month period on Tuesdays:
    Choose from either 
    10:00-11:00 am cdt  OR  7:00 – 8:00 pm cdt
  • Calls will last approximately one hour. Recordings available.

Content:   The Seven Basic Structures of the Ontology of Language which bring forth your future.


  • Reduce overwhelm
  • Move through life in a peaceful, yet highly effective manner
  • Eliminate confusion, frustration and double work
  • Experience enhanced access to innovation
  • Turn resignation to possibility
  • Build trust
  • See what others cannot see; expand your awareness
  • Live in “The Zone of High Performance”


$300 if paid in full by start of course OR
Monthly investment of  $125 per month (for 3 months) paid by 5th of each month

Here’s How To Register:

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So, let’s get started… Choose the time and payment options that best suit you:

 Option #1:  10 – 11 am cdt Tuesday Mornings

AM Payment Options: Pre-paid or Monthly

Option #2:  7 – 8 pm cdt Tuesday Evenings

PM Payment Options: Pre-paid or Monthly

NOTE:  Please call course leader, Linda Starr, with any questions or concerns about this course and/or to make other payment arrangements.