Patty Shull

Patty Shull is an organizational change consultant and talent manager who develops key competencies in others to achieve business results. She uses creative and leading edge approaches to mentor leaders in making effective transitions. Her extensive experience includes global Fortune 100, non-profit, entrepreneurial, and government organizations. She is known for designing programs to develop leadership talent, speed organizational changes, mitigate risks, and turn employee resistance to employee commitment.

Leader’s Guide to Communicating Organizational Change

Top Performing Leaders Think Differently. Here’s how… Top leaders become competent communicating organizational changes in ways that differentiate them from “typical” leaders. As a result, their employees become “raving fans” and will happily put in extra effort to achieve goals, even during disruptive, stressful change. Top leaders plan how to communicate change using expertise from […]

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Project Advancement Course 1

What if your competencies as a project leader expanded exponentially in just 12 weeks? What if a group of leaders were focused on your project each week supporting you, cheering you on, and holding you accountable to fulfilling your vision? Empower yourself. Discover new ways to invent your future. Purpose:  Participants will receive project support while also being coached […]

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The Theater of Selling

Are you a business owner or a sales rep who sells for a living? Then join the ranks of top sales producers who know: Selling has much in common with theater. In fact, professional selling IS performance!! Joe Girard, the legendary auto salesman, would lock his office door and get on his knees to BEG […]

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Feminine Leadership: Conflict Resolution

I have coached hundreds of women professionals who have been hurt in business. I learned that at one time or another, we all faced a common breakdown – a loss of dignity. Our standards of treatment were not met, our boundaries crossed or violated, leaving us in disappointed. Our feminine essence is as precious as […]

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Team Leadership Competency Scale

Outstanding team leadership implies a commitment and competency to influence and coordinate the network of conversations of a given group in order to bring about effective results over time. Management is the coordination of requests and promises, in time that support the operations of the organization. A competent leader opens a new space of possibility, […]

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6 Keys to Leading an Effective Organizational Change

by Patricia Shull, Organizational Change Management Expert, Group Facilitator and Executive Coach What causes people to cling to outdated ways of thinking and resist taking new actions, even when it is obvious change would be beneficial? As an organizational change expert and professional coach, I have watched hundreds of professional’s transition through major changes each year. I see the […]

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